Solicitors: What To Do
With A Client Heading For Financial Trouble

As a solicitor, from time to time client will come to you with issues relating to specific legal matters such as a dispute, divorce or making a will. 

For the most part, the issues will be strictly legal. But every now and then an financial problem will raise its head:

  • A dispute is causing issues to the business which are seriously impacting cash flow and the ability to trade...
  • A marriage break up is leaving your client short of assets or income and unable to meet their bills...
  • Your client has much of their wealth tied up in their company...

At Solvency Solutions we can extend your expertise to areas beyond your direct specialisms to address issues regarding insolvency for both individuals and businesses and with regard to winding up companies where the shareholders are looking to sell the business or wish to go take the business in different directions.

We are always happy to offer a free face-to-face or phone meeting with your and your client to address the issues which you are uncertain about and help find and implement the solution that is best for your client.  Alternatively we are happy to answer general questions or give clarification on specific issues if we think we can help.

So if you have a client with financial problems, or you have a client who wants to release capital from a business is a tax-efficient manner, then please call us on 01444 848766.


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Top Tips for Solicitors

  • Be practical. Sometimes the legal position is clear but what is the cost involved in pursuing it?
  • Have you got the whole story from the client? Like at the doctor’s, clients may hold back the most important issue until pressed.
  • A client in financial difficulties is likely to be concerned about legal costs. Ensure you will get paid but also be transparent about what costs will be incurred.
  • Make it clear what your specialisms are and refer to a colleague or specialist if advising outside these parameters.
  • Develop links with other professionals. Know who to ask and where to turn if you or your client needs advice.
  • Know your limitations. Call in the experts if your client needs help you can’t provide.
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If you have a client whose case you would like to discuss, or if you are facing financial difficulties yourself and need to talk to someone in confidence, then please do get in contact:

Phone: 01444 848766


Or you can find our address, a map and an enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

Financial problems, whether business or personal, can seem like the end of the road and can be a source of great distress. Rest assured that there is always a way ahead, and we will always listen with an open mind and a non-judgmental ear.

We of course treat all discussions with the utmost discretion.
Solvency Solutions is a trading name of Solvency Solutions (South East) LLP (formerly Armida Business Recovery LLP).
Fiona Monson is licensed as an insolvency practitioner by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales